Take Back The Boulevard

Eagle Rock, CA

Take Back the Boulevard Update – October 3, 2012

One of the goals of this initiative is to turn some of the changes that the community identified as desired into reality in the near future. I am happy to report that some modest progress has been made in pursuit of that objective. With the assistance of the Council Office, requests have been sent to the DOT regarding the following modifications to Colorado Boulevard:

– Install new crosswalks at Colorado & El Rio (Bank of America Corner) and at Glen Iris and Colorado. Both of these locations represent locations where there is a logical need for pedestrians to cross the street. But lacking even the protection of a painted cross-walk, it is a risky proposition to try and cross the boulevard at those locations today. The initial requirement that must be met to justify a crosswalk is that at least 40 pedestrians are noted crossing the street within a two hour period. We are waiting to hear when that study will be conducted. Please email me if you would like to know the scheduling (president@TERA90041.org).

– Install “shark’s teeth” at Hermosa & Colorado, Eagle Rock & Colorado, and Townsend & Colorado. “Shark’s teeth” are a row of jagged forms, resembling a row of teeth that are painted on the road giving advanced warning that a cross-walk will be encountered soon. DOT has issued an order for the shark’s teeth to be installed at Hermosa and Colorado. Because Eagle Rock & Colorado and Townsend & Colorado are signaled cross-walks, they do not qualify for shark’s teeth.

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