Take Back The Boulevard

Eagle Rock, CA

Take Back the Boulevard Update – November 9, 2014

Although the Colorado Boulevard Vision Plan document has been completed, many of the enhancements to the Boulevard included in the document, especially those between Eagle Rock Boulevard and Eagle Rock Plaza, have yet to be delivered.  The Steering Committee’s primary focus is now on the western segment of the Boulevard, continuing the work to make Colorado Boulevard a complete street – one that safe and accessible for motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users.

Identifying funding sources to make further enhancements to the Boulevard will be the major goal of the Steering Committee for the immediate future.  Funding for enhancements, such as those listed below, will be our major focus.

  • Traffic Signals
  • Bus Stop Amenities (furniture, shade, trash cans, sidewalk cleaning, etc.)
  • Lighting, especially pedestrian-oriented
  • Pedestrian refuge islands in medians
  • Turn pockets in new and existing medians
  • New medians on Colorado Boulevard, west of Eagle Rock Boulevard
  • Bump-outs (curb extensions), especially where they would facilitate pedestrians in the area of bus stops.
  • New median treatment at Trader Joe’s which will force right turns with a u-turn opportunity further east on Colorado.
  • “Way to Signage” such as “Welcome to Eagle Rock” monuments
  • New cross-walks, especially in the area of bus stops.

“Activating” the Boulevard, making it safer and more welcoming to all types of traffic, especially pedestrians, is another goal of Take Back the Boulevard.  One of the techniques to activate a street is to highlight buildings of distinction, especially with night lighting.  The rehabilitation of Eagle Rock City Hall, including new landscaping and new night lighting, will be celebrated this month.  Attempts will be made to highlight other Colorado Boulevard Buildings of distinction in the future.

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