Take Back The Boulevard

Eagle Rock, CA

Big Dreams Paid Off

Bob Gotham, Chair Take Back the Boulevard

There is both risk and reward in dreaming big, but with the latest Take Back the Boulevard news, the courage of the TBTB Team to dream big has been totally rewarded. Through the life of the initiative the naysayers repeatedly predicted failure because we would never find the money. However, I am happy to report that they were wrong. Based on grants from the City and the State, we will soon have $12 million to further invest in Colorado Boulevard.

This awesome accomplishment would not have been possible without the efforts of the many who served on the TBTB Steering Committee, the incredible support of Councilmember Jose Huizar and his staff, the financial support provided by TERA members and the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council. Thank you all!

Details of this awesome accomplishment follow:

Take Back the Boulevard – Phase II

TBTB was successful in applying and securing the follow grants:

Metro Call for Projects (City)                   $ 2.195M

Active Transportation Program (State)    $ 9.74 M

Total Funding                                              $ 11.935M

Below is a high-level description of possible further enhancements to the Boulevard. The proposals should be understood with the following caveats:

  1. Budget: The extent of enhancements to the Boulevard will be scoped based on the available funding ($11.935M)
  2. Colorado Boulevard Vision Plan: This document, which reflects community feedback over two years, was utilized as the basis for completing the Grant applications in the areas requiring a description of proposed changes.
  3. Grant Criteria: Each Grant defines specific criteria that must be met in order for the request for funding to be approved. Therefore, the enhancements included in TBTB’s request for funding included those aspects of the Colorado Boulevard Vision Plan that met the Grant criteria. There are some aspects of the Vision Plan that are not included since they did not comply with the Grant criteria. The TBTB Team will attempt, as far as possible, to include some of those goals as a subset of a larger compliant goal.

Based on the success of acquiring the Grants, at a high level the following changes may be anticipated. Many, but not all of the enhancements, will be located on the stretch of Colorado between Eagle Rock Boulevard and Eagle Rock Plaza.

* Reduce pedestrian crossing distances at key intersections.
* New mid-block crossing(s).
* Improved pedestrian lighting.
* New median safety islands.
* New / improved landscaping
* New medians
* Special emphasis on routes to school.
* Existing traffic signals – improve synchronization
* New traffic signals
* New left turn pockets

Community meetings will be held and more information will be provided in the latter part of 2016 as the detailed planning progresses. Questions – email President@TERA90041.org.

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